Move in/ Move out, End of Lease Clean Port Macquarie NSW

So you’re moving into a new home. This is undoubtedly a busy time. Aside from your regular responsibilities, you also have to worry about transferring all your utilities, packing everything you own, and so much more. Getting apartment, unit, townhouse or stand alone house you’re leaving clean can easily take the back-burner. Don’t risk missing out on the return of your bond! Here at NATURO CLEAN, we take care of the hard work for you. Not only will we get your home clean, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty for the best assurance you get your bond back and a good reference from your landlord.

Bond Back Guarantee

We work with all the leading real estate agencies which means when it comes to Bond Cleaning we have you covered. If your managing agent isn't satisfied with any aspect of our bond clean we'll return quickly, which means you'll get your bond back sooner with NATURO CLEAN.

Competitive Port Macquarie Bond Cleaning Rates that Pay Off

The investment made in professional bond cleaning Port Macquarie is one that can pay off. Aside from the return of your bond back money, our team protects your reputation as a good tenant. Our pricing is competitive and matched with top-notch service and a Bond Back Guarantee*, so you can’t go wrong. Don’t let the stress of bond cleaning get in the way of a seamless move. We have the tools and know how to get it done right, so book your service today.

What’s the Difference Between Standard Service and Port Macquarie Bond Cleaning?

Aside from the fact there’s money involved at the end of your tenancy agreement that bond cleaning can help you get back, there are some other key differences that set it apart from standard cleaning services. Just a few of these include:

  • We go beyond just sweeping and dusting as we also focus on details like disinfecting all surface areas, removing cobwebs, cleaning fan blades and skirting boards, and much more. 
  • Inside of cabinets, refrigerator, microwave, and oven.
  • Baseboards, blinds and air vents.
  • If items are left behind after the move, we’ll make sure they’re properly disposed of. 
  • If there are specifications in your tenancy agreement like cleaning debris from the pool or shampooing carpets, we can make arrangements to address them.


  • Degrease & wipe down all surfaces
  • Clean external cupboards/handles
  • Clean sink & tapware
  • Full detail of stove top
  • Full detail of exhaust fan/range hood
  • Full detail of splash back
  • Clean all external cupboards & shelves (including pantry)
  • Clean all external draws 
  • Clean light fittings (where accessible)
  • Clean doors & window frames


  • Clean all tiled floors
  • Clean mirrors & glass surfaces
  • Clean all benchtops & tiled surfaces
  • Clean all sinks, tapware & accessories
  • Clean bath tub
  • Clean shower screens
  • Deep clean of toilet
  • Clean external vanity cupboards
  • Clean exhaust fan
  • Clean high touch areas
  • Clean light fitting (where accessible)
  • Remove dust from skirting boards
  • Clean all door & window frames

All Rooms
(incl bedrooms)

  • Remove cobwebs through out
  • Clean fixtures (switches, power points, doorbells, handles & locks)
  • Spot cleaning of walls
  • Remove dust & clean ceiling fans
  • Remove dust from skirting boards
  • Clean light fixtures where accessible
  • Cleaning of vents (air conditioning)
  • Clean all doors & window frames
  • Vacuum/mop flooring (where required)


  • Remove all dust/lint
  • Remove lint from exhaust fan (ceiling)
  • Clean flooring
  • Clean sink & tubs
  • Clean internal & external of cabinetry
  • Clean all door & window frames
  • Remove dust from skirting boards
  • Clean light fittings (where accessible)
Optional Extras
to add to your End of Lease / Bond Clean
Optional extras that you may wish to add to your end of lease cleaning package, including;


  • Washing walls
  • Blinds or shutter deep cleaning including Venetians
  • External windows (up to 2-step ladder)
  • Internal fridge cleaning
  • Internal freezer cleaning
  • Furnished properties
Cleaning Service Exclusions
Mould - we do our best to remove small amounts of mould from areas including bathrooms, however, mould can be imbedded into silicon, grout and other areas which require replacing and/or a specialist to restore back to its normal state.

Damp Spots – damp spots can occur throughout a home with dry wall plaster often being affected. We do our best to remove any mould and marks from these areas however we cannot completely make these spots disappear. These marks can return due to excess moisture in the home even after the area has been cleaned.

Discolouration – our team will do everything they can to clean all areas throughout the home however sometimes ‘discolouration’ happens with normal wear and tear of the property including grout, toilets and seats and plastics (often turning a yellowish colour). If/when this discolouration occurs, it cannot be returned to its original state without specialist intervention or replacements of the item.

Ceilings – we do not clean ceilings however cobwebs and dust will be removed with a long-handled duster

Hazardous Areas – Clean-up of bio waste and other hazardous material. 

Garage walls – we do not clean garage walls or wash garage floors 

Heights – our cleaners do not clean at heights over a two-step ladder i.e. windows in unit blocks or second floors of houses.

Carpet Steam Cleaning -  we do not provide professional carpet cleaning services. These will need to be organised with another service provider.

External Wall Washing & Animal Waste

Cleaning Warranty Exclusions

External windows – will be cleaned at heights up to a two-step ladder if they are not obstructed however due to weather circumstances, we cannot warrant these.

Outside areas – outside areas which cannot be fully enclosed/ protected from weather elements i.e. balconies and patios

Post-pest control – We will not be responsible and do not warrant post pest control that may require additional cleaning directly related to the pest control being carried out i.e. dead insects, rodents or other pests that have accumulated due to the pest control being applied to the property.

Decorative items (furnished homes) – decorative items including pictures frames, vases, lamps, clocks and fruit bowls that may be decorative in nature

Please read our full End of Lease/Bond Cleaning Terms & Conditions.

* Standard blinds - are blinds with a surface that can be dusted or cleaned without requiring a specialist and/or extra time. For example; material blinds or curtains may require a blind cleaning specialist. Venetian and Roller blinds will be quoted separately based on the number of blinds in the property.

* Walls – we carry out a spot clean on walls for insects and small marks, however a full wall wash requires more time and the use of additional products. We are happy to provide this service however this is generally only required if marks exist beyond normal ‘wear and tear’.